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Releasing Your Inner Swirl

I discovered Inner Swirl through her etsy shop here.     Tell me about yourself. “Puddle jumping sums up my background properly. I’m continually sucked into one path after another. I started seeing a pattern echoed throughout, people and people’s minds fascinate … Continue reading

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Style: Silver Collar Necklace

I bought this necklace at Ambiance a local boutique in San Francisco. If you are ever in the area, I highly suggest checking them out!  Need a dress for an occasion, you will definitely find it here! Loving the black … Continue reading

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Style: ‘Xauv’ Silver Hmong Necklace

‘Xauv’: pronounced “sow” is a silver Hmong necklace worn with traditional Hmong outfits. Below is a photo of a ‘xauv’ that my mother-in-law gave me. This photo was shot by Pretty Geeky for our engagement photoshoot. Below are two ‘xauv’ that … Continue reading

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Run, run as fast as you can!

For me, running was a gradual process. First, I started walking for 1 mile. Then, I jogged for 1 mile and now I can run ~3 miles in 30 minutes.  Listening to upbeat music (Pandora  - Hello! Martin Solvieg) keeps … Continue reading

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The Creator of Pretty Rock’ Girl Collection

Happy ♡ day! While browsing facebook, I came across a custom jewelry designer. What was your inspiration? “My inspirations comes from everything and anything. I naturally flourish in coming up with an idea and then building a world of imagination around … Continue reading

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Sunnen + Ntxheng-yeng’s Wedding!

Meet Sunnen + Ntxheng-yeng. Ntxheng-yeng is one of my pharmacy college buddies! She had the most organized weddings and the schedule was on time. No Hmong time! The venue fit over 400 to 500 guests in Waukesha, WI at the … Continue reading

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Best iPhone Apps for Pharmacists

Here’s a post to anyone that has a smart phone and wants pharmacy-related information. As you may already know by reading the iHEARThmong “PharmD” page, one part of my job is that I am a clinical pharmacist in ambulatory care. What … Continue reading

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Feng + Choua’s Romantic & Whimsical Wedding

Meet Feng + Choua. Venue: Richfield Chalet Location: Richfield, WI What was your wedding inspiration? “ and websites- when I look at the wedding pictures on their websites, they are always so beautiful and romantic, always leaving me breatheless…. … Continue reading

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Mee + Pachee’s Arkansas Wedding!

Meet Mee + Pachee. Venue: Ozark County Fairgrounds Location: Ozark, AR What was your wedding inspiration?  “Our wedding inspiration was simply the love that we had for each other that grew throughout the 7 years of dating, and the love that our … Continue reading

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