Releasing Your Inner Swirl

I discovered Inner Swirl through her etsy shop here.



Tell me about yourself.

“Puddle jumping sums up my background properly. I’m continually sucked into one path after another. I started seeing a pattern echoed throughout, people and people’s minds fascinate me. Needless to say I spent half my life studying psychology dreaming to become a psychiatrist and unwrap people from the inside out. Unexpectedly a reoccurring dream urged me to abandon psychology and pursue my childhood passion of Art. After studying people’s desires for so long, to ignore my own would have been foolish. I left the psychology world behind and dove head first into pursuing my art interest.

I’ve always been fond of Hmong textiles and the meaning behind each symbol. This echo of patterns inspired me to incorporate these textiles and create my own symbol that represents me, a swirl. The swirl is a symbol of proportional perfection but what I’m drawn to more is the visual appearance of having no beginning or end it could easily travel on forever. A swirl has an underlying energy that dissipates from the central origin and reaches out to the viewer.”

What inspires you? 

“All of my inspirations come from my dreams and personal experiences. With every stroke I leave behind a window into my soul, hoping to spark a fond memory or inspiration in others.

I’m a huge fan of Salvador Dali, Tim Burton, Brian Froud, Frank Frazetta and BJORK!”

Tips for Future Artists: “Eat, Drink, Sleep Art…” – Kao Lee Thao

What do you like to do in your free time? 
“There is no such thing as free time in my world. I create 3d animations for a living which pretty much drives my lifestyle. I occasionally take breaks to paint, sculpt and find a new hobby.”

I’m loving this hairclip! 😀


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Last year, Inner Swirl was one of the fashion designers for Fresh Traditions where she debuted her “Once Upon a Time” Collection. Super creative!  See more images from her collection here.

Thanks for sharing your story Inner Swirl!

If you would like to share your story, email ihearthmong(at)gmail(dot)com.


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