Shopping in San Francisco!

Coming from a small town in the midwest to the busy city of San Francisco, one of the many things I enjoy are 1) street style (there are so many fashionable people) and 2) boutique/thrift shopping. You never know what treasures you will find in boutique and second-hand shops!

1) X Generation
2 locations on Haight St. Here you will find some unique ‘knock offs’ for cheap prices. It’s similar to a boutique version of forever 21.

What have I found here? Black/Pink blazers (on facebook), dresses (tons of them!) including my tribal shirt dress, unique jewelry pieces including this mustache ring (shown on facebook), dome ring, bow rings (below) and more!

2) Ambiance
Looking for a dress for  a special occasion? This is the perfect boutique for you. This boutique has the most amazing brands and the best service. Also, I love the black/white stripe design! There are 4 locations and I’ve been to three of them. I still prefer the Haight Street Ambiance over the other locations.

What I have found here? Silver Collar Necklace, Dresses (many of which I have not worn… eek!)

Recall: How I styled this collar necklace here.

3) CrossRoads Trading Co. 
This store carries new + used clothing. I’ve been to 2 locations, one in the Inner Sunset and the other on Haight St.

What have I found here? Grey Zara blazer (on facebook), Aldo’s tassle pumps, black glitter pumas.

Recent Finds: “We Who See” leather wedges, white button-down + Asos powder pink shirt/dress.

4) Buffalo Exchange
This store is similar to CrossRoads Xchange. They have the best shoes (new + used), although you may not find the right size!

What have I found here? Cognac urban outfitters lace-up boots, Calvin Klein Embellished Flats, Adidas mint green fleece, dresses.

5) Yard sales! Oh, yes… and last but not least. Yard sales! Went to the Sausilito Yard Sale this past weekend and scored two gold chain necklaces + a Hmong-y bracelet. You can also order gold and silver chain necklaces with HRH collection or etsy.

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  1. I miss Ambiance!! Also loved the street style.. I feel like I remember sitting outside of The Grove in the SoMA for hours at a time just taking it all in!

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