DIY Wedding Invitations

How to make unique + creative wedding invitations at a fraction of the cost!

To make 250 invitations,  you will need: 
250 5×7″ cardstock (See #1)
150 8.5″ x 11″ double-sided cardstock with your design (See #2) – this design includes a response card!
250 22″ piece of ribbon (we used royal blue and gold)
2 Large Glue Stick – I went through 2 of them (the glue pictured below is not the one I used as it made the invitation crimply)
2 boxes of 3M Scotch Photo Corners
Glue Tape (optional)
1 Scoring Tool – my husband opted to use a butter knife + ruler.
Paper Cutting Tool  – I have one from scrapbooking.

1) Cardstock & Envelopes
Order your cardstock & envelopes + response envelopes online. I used and was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the paper and how fast they shipped. I would suggest ordering the paper in the size you want. That way you don’t have to cut them in half or resize the paper.

2) Printed Cardstock
Instead of printing the invitations with my own printer (which you certainly could do!). I opted to have my template printed from an online printing store. I included our photo on the invite.

I went with as they got back to me first. I created the template using Microsoft Powerpoint and converted it to a pdf. The dimensions were 8 1/2″ x 11 ” double-sided to save $$ and trees!
3) Assembling the invitation
Step 1: Cut your ribbon into 22″ pieces.
Step 2: Score the 8.5″ x 11″ double-sided cardstock. You can watch how to score using the youtube video here. (We actually found that scoring first, and then cutting was faster!)
Step 3: Cut the 8.5″ x 11″ double-sided cardstock in half using the paper cutter.
Step 4: Fold accordingly.
Step 5: Glue + place on photo splits on the corners of the 4.25″ x 11″ double-sided cardstock accordingly.
Step 6: Place the ribbon on the back of the 4.25″ x 11″ double-sided cardstock.
Step 7: Glue 4.25″ x 11″ double-sided cardstock onto the 5″ x 7″ cardstock.
Step 8: Tie a beautiful bow!
Ta-da! Here is the finished product with a gold ribbon.

How much did I save?
Typical invitations ordered from websites like
5×7″ invitation (1 piece of paper): 250 invitations = $435
Response Cards: $1.09/invitation x 250 invitations = $272.50
Total: $707.50
Our invitation would likely cost ~$5 – $7/invitation if someone else had made them. Thus, it could have been a whopping  $1,250 – $1,750.
Our invitation:
Printed 8.5″x 11″ Cardstock from cardstockprinting: $150 with shipping
5″x7″ Cardstock: $10.99 for 100 sheets. Purchased 300 sheets –> $32.97
Ribbon: Total was $50 at Michael’s (I found some in the $1 section) – you could also purchase this in bulk online for cheaper.
Glue: $5 for 3 sticks
3 boxes of Photo Corners: $10
Total: $247.97
Quality time with my love + friends making these invitations: Priceless 😉
Wedding Paper Divas: $459.53.
$5/invitation: $1,002.03
$7/invitation: $1,502.03 

Questions? Feel free to contact me at ihearthmong(at)gmail(dot)com or comment on iHEARThmong’s facebook!




  1. I love this DIY invitation!! Was your response card big enough so the recipient could mail it back postcard-style or did they need to put it in an envelope before mailing? I am on a super tight budget and deadline for my wedding (october 2012! just started planning now…lol) and I’ve enjoyed reading all your tips. Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks for your comment! Unfortunately, the response card wasn’t big enough to send the postcard on it’s own. I wish I had looked up the dimensions ahead of time. The postcard size is Rectangular At least 3-1/2 inches high x 5 inches long x 0.007 inch thick.
      Yes, I would suggest printing out the invitation to the exact dimensions and then finding cardstock that is already cut to glue it on. Saves you time and money as postage for postcards is $0.29 versus $0.44/each! Good luck with your wedding in October. If you would like to share your wedding on iHEARThmong once your wedding is over, let me know. No pressure! It would be great to hear/see what other Hmong-American weddings look like. -K

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