Spring Bling + Shoe Finds!

Purchased some jewelry essentials over the last month or so at my favorite store… dahn dahn dahn… yes, forever21.  My other favorite accessories spot is h&m. What surprises me is that sometimes I find things in WI or MN that I can’t purchase at the three-story forever21 or the h&m here in San Francisco, CA. Too many fashionistas buying the “good” stuff quickly. ;)

1) Gold necklace – found a similar one from UO with pink detail here
2) Cocktail Ring
3) Rhinestone Bow Cuff in silver/clear  here
4) Rhinestone Bow Cuff in peach/gold here
5) Pointed Flat Collar Necklace here


1) Zara Look-a-like Tan Open-Toe Wedges from DSW: Recall from the 2011 season, Zara had these open-toe wedges in black. Well, a month ago, I was bridesmaid shoe shopping with my sister-in-law at DSW in MN and oh my gatos… found the same wedges in tan! Score! Love the architecture of the wedge and neutral open-toe pumps will leave your legs looking long!
2) f21 Leather Detail Sandals: $12.80 from f21 in Milwaukee, WI. Perfect for the summer.
3) Brown ankle boots: $18.50 from Buffalo Exchange in Berkeley, CA. While there, I also discovered a cute boutique shop called “Sway” with quite the clothing + accessories.


What accessories/shoes have you purchased lately?

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Hmong. mid-20s. Pharmacist. Location: Northern CA Loves: Travel, languages, style, photography, fashion, interior design, eatings
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2 Responses to Spring Bling + Shoe Finds!

  1. Kao Houa Vang says:

    Cute boots! I’m glad you found something at Buffalo exchange. And Sway do have amazing things! Come back to visit Berkeley soon. I’ll be here for the summer. :)

    • kaybeeelle says:

      Yes, super happy found those boots! Have to break them in. =) Congratulations on graduation and I’ll let you know if I’m coming to Berkeley. By the way, I’m going to be speaking at the “Hmong in Health” Conference at UC-Davis on Saturday because I saw it on the fb group. Thanks for including me! -K

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