How to Write a Graduation Speech (in Hmong)

It’s graduation season. One of the most nervous parts of the graduation celebration will be the speech. Here are some tips on how to write your graduation speech in Hmong. The most important part of the speech that you should state in Hmong is the opening message/welcome and Thank You’s.

1) Set up your outline: Introduction, Body, Conclusion

2) Create a Powerpoint with images.
Individuals who do not understand the Hmong language can follow along while you speak in the Hmong language.

3) Share a story of why you chose your degree, your passions and career goals! 

Nyob zoo ib tsoom niam txiv kwv tij neej tsa sawv daws. Ntawm kuv yog Kab Ntsuas. Hnub no yog ib hnub zoo uas kuv niam thiab kuv txiv ua ib pluag mov ua kev zoo siab rau kuv txoj kev kawm ntawv tiav Doctor of Pharmacy.  Welcome distinguished guests, family, friends, colleauges, and mentors. Today, I will discuss the journey to become a pharmacist. I will be speaking Hmong for the first ½ of my speech and English for the second  ½. I feel it’s important for us as Hmong – Americans to know about the rich history of the Hmong and keep the culture and language alive and going. Knowing the Hmong culture and history has helped me with my identity as a Hmong – American student. So, to those who can not understand the language, I hope the slides will help.

Hnub no, kuv zoo siab ntsib nej sawv daws. Kuv yuav tham txog 2 nqe lus xws li nram no.
Nqe ib yog hais txog ua tsaug rau nej sawv daws
Nqe ob yuav piav txog txoj kev uas kuv tau kawm tiav ua ib tus kws muab tshuaj.


Thank you everyone: 

Ua ntej tshaj plaws, kuv thov ua tsaug rau nej sawv daws ua nej tau muab lub sij hawm tuaj koom kev zoo siab hnub no. Ua tsaug rau cov dab laug thiab niam dab laug, cov niam ntxawm thiab txiv ntxawm, cov niam tais yawm txiv, thiab cov phooj ywg sawv daws tuaj deb thiab zes los koom kuv hnub no.

Thank you to Aunts/Uncles/those who helped make the celebration successful:

Ua tsaug rau cov niam tais yawm txiv, niam ntxawm txiv ntxawm thiab cov dab laug thiab niam dab laug uas nej sawv daws tau siv nyiaj siv txiaj siv dag siv zog tuaj pab kev ua noj ua haus rau kuv lub koom txoos kev zoo siab hnub no. Kuv tsis muaj ib yam dab tsi yuav pauj tau nej lub txiaj ntsim. Kuv tsuas muaj ib lo lus zoo siab ua nej sawv daws tsaug xwb.

Yav tom ntej no, kuv vam thiab cia siab hais tias yog nej muaj lus xav paub txog kev siv tshuaj lo hu rau kuv es kuv mam li pab nej. Txawm tej yam kuv pab tsis tau nej los, kuv yuav nrhiav kom tau lwm lub tswv yim los pab nej li qhov nej tau los pab kuv hnub no.

Thank you to my grandparents: 

Ua tsaug rau pog thiab yawg. Kuv zoo siab uas muaj nej cov ua pog ua yawg thiab ua niam ua txiv es thiaj li muaj peb cov ua tub ua kiv nyob rov tom qab. Txawm nej tsis nrog peb nyob lawm los peb ua tau noj tau haus los peb yuav hu txog nej. Txawm peb ho mus txoj kev twg los peb yuav tau hu nej ua huab ua cua los pov hwm pov yawm nej cov tub cov kiv kom hmab tsis dawm tes hluas tsis dawm taw. Thaum mus los mus kom txog chaw, rov los rov kom txog tsev. Es kuv ua tsaug rau nej ua pog uas yawg thiab ua niam ua txiv.

Ua tsaug rau niam tias, ua nws tau xaws kuv daim paj ntaub rau kuv hnav thaum lub caij ua kuv mus txais kuv daim ntawv Doctor of Pharmacy diploma. Ua tsaug rau koj cov lus qhuab qhia kom kuv los ua ib tus ntxhais tsim txiaj. Kuv yuav nco ntsoov koj cov lus thiab koj daim paj ntaub hauv kuv lub siab.

Thank you to my parents: 

Ua tsaug rau kuv niam thiab kuv txiv. Kuv zoo siab hais tias kuv niam yog ib tug neej uas nws tau qhia tau ib tug qauv zoo rau kuv thiab nws yog ib tug neeg uas ua tau lub ntsej muag luag ntxhis. Thiab kuv zoo siab hais tais kuv txiv yog ib tug neeg nquag ua hauj lwm thiab nws xav paub tej yam tswv yim zoo los pab nws tus kheej thiab qhia rau kuv. Yog muaj kuv niam thiab kuv txiv nkawv ua tus qauv rau kuv thiab muaj lus qhuab ntuas kuv es kuv thiaj li tau raws li kuv txoj kev npau suav hnub no. Kuv niam thiab kuv txiv nkawv ntseeg tau kuv thiab nkawv tau muaj kev ywj pheej rau kuv. Txawm kuv nyob qhov twg lo, nkawv yeej tuaj pab kuv. Nyob hauv tsev kawm ntawv lo lawv yeej tuaj txhawb nqa kuv, tsis tag li ntawv lo thaum kuv ho muaj mob muaj nkeeg lo nkawv kuj tuaj saib xyua kuv raws li lub siab xav.

Thank you to my brother: 

Ua tsaug rau kuv tus nus. Thaum wb tseem me me, wb yeej sib ntau sib tua kawg los nws tsua yog ib qhov kev kawm rau wb kom wb sib hlub lawm yav tom ntej. Txawm nws yog tus hlob los, mauj ntau zau kuv muab nws ua tus me los nws yeej tsis chim. Txawm nws thiab kuv wb tsis xav ib yam los, wb yeej yog nug muag, es wb yeej yuav sib hlub mus rau lawm yav tom ntej.

Thank you to my pharmacy friends: 

Ua tsaug rau cov tub ntxhais ua kawm ntawv nrog kuv. Vim muaj peb sawv daws tawm lub tswv yim los sib pab es peb thiaj li kawm tau. Ua tsaug uas nej tau los ua kuv ib co phooj ywg, thiab nej lub tswv yim uas nej tau los txheeb nqa kuv. Peb yuav nco ntsoov txog peb txoj kev nyob ua ke thiab tawm tswv yim sib pab no mus tag peb ib sim neej.

Thank you to my ‘friend’ (John and I weren’t married yet) John:

Ua tsaug rau kuv tus phooj ywg John. Ua tsaug uas koj yog ib tus neeg txawj xav thiab coj zoo. Ua tsaug rau lub sij hawm uas koj txhawb kuv txoj kev kawm.

Thank you to my best friend:

Ua tsaug rau kuv tus niam laus. 6 xyoo rhau los, wb txoj kev phooj ywg tau sib raug zoo . Txawm tias muaj tej yam nyuaj siab los, wb yeej sib tau taub thiab muaj ib lub tswv yim los sib pab.

Thank you to my college friends:

Ua tsaug rau tag nrho cov phooj ywg uas tau kawm ntawv nyob rau nram UW-Madison. Peb sawv daws tau cog kev phooj ywg los sib paub es kuv yuav nco ntsoov tseg rau kuv lub neej mus tag ib txhis. Cia siab hais tias peb txoj kev kawm no yuav vam meej muv lawm yav tom ntej.

Thank you to my preceptors + mentors + professors: 

Ntxim ntawm no mus, kuv yuav hais ob peb lo ua lus As mes li kas rau kuv cov preceptor. Muaj dab tsi, kuv mam li hais rau nej tom qab ntawv.

Thank you to pharmacists that I have had the great honor of knowing and training including my 4th year pharmacy preceptors (name them).  Thank you for teaching, listening, mentoring, and offering your wisdom. I am truly grateful for having you as a part of my life. You are my inspiration and in my future career I hope to reach the standards you have taught me throughout my pharmacy education.


Ntxim ntawm no mus, kuv yuav hais lus As Kiv hais txog lub hom phiaj los ua ib tug kws muab tshuaj. Vim tias, peb tuaj nyob teb chaw no tau 30 tawm xyoo lawm, ces peb cov hluas lawv kuj yuav tob tau lus As Kiv dua hais lus Hmoob. Txawm ho muaj nej cov laus ho tsis to taub lo thov zam lub txim pub rau kuv thiab nawb.

Today, I’m going to discuss the career path of how I became a pharmacist…. see the PharmD page for more.

1) Inspiration/Story on why I chose to be a pharmacist
2) Pharmacy School – what does it entail
3) Future Career Goals

Thank you for your attention and listening and if you have any questions, feel free to contact me. I’d be happy to help you out, whether it would be looking over your resume, practicing for interviews, scholarship or questions about your medicine. Ua tsaug ntau rau nej sawv daws uas nej tseem mloog kuv, es kuv cov lus muaj li no xwb.

Congratulations to all of the graduates of 2012!



  1. These are great tips! I’m nervous about writing a thank you speech for our wedding reception but I can definitely take these tips and apply them to my situation. I’m just deathly afraid that I’ll end up blubbering like a baby through my tears, lol.

    • Aww, yes I almost cried too. I figured if I had something in front of me it would give me more comfort then trying to remember my entire speech. My husband said his speech by memory. He was so good! lol Let me know if you have any other suggestions.

  2. i love this! my two brothers and three cousins graduated this year. they googled and found your blog! ever since you helped translate my letter to my dad i’ve been learning how to r/w in hmong and this was good practice lol

    • Aww, thanks Nue for your comments! I’m hoping to help others in creating their speeches. I would love to share if you have any other example graduation speeches. I’m going to post my wedding speech soon too to help. I think it’s sad that a lot of us new generation Hmong-Americans are losing our language speaking abilities and I hope my kids speak Hmong. All my little cousins don’t speak Hmong at all. So, I feel like it’s going to die out if we don’t keep it in our every day lives. John and I even play Hmong music at home now since we aren’t around Hmong people. lol!

      – K

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