DIY Studded Collars + Collar Necklace Wish List

I shared Chriselle Lim’s video in my Favorite March Videos blogpost here. Finally got around to making some collars over the weekend. Check out Chriselle’s post on how to make them here.

What you will need:
Men’s Shirts from Goodwill ($3 each)
Studs from Studs + Spikes.

Get inspired!

and here is my collar necklace collection. If you follow me on instagram, you probably have seen all of these already.

Collar Wish List

1) Bar III Necklace, Hematite Plated Crystal Collar Necklace here
2) Forever 21 Women’s Beaded Collar Necklace: Light Grey/Gold: One Size here
3) Limited Edition Rhinestone Collar Necklace here
4) ASOS Metal Collar Necklace here
5) Gold Metal Peter Pan Necklace here
6) Silver Cube Peter Pan Necklace here

Which collar is your favorite?

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