Neon Trend!

The neon trend fits right in with my style. I’ve always been attracted to bright colors (hot pink, neon yellow, lime green, royal blues).

Recall: Previous Hmong-y scarf!

Just purchased these black + neon yellow h&m sandals for $17.95. Yes, I bought both of them (the glitter/pink ones which were also featured here)! I couldn’t decide between the two.

Featuring: Black Thrifted Romper, Silver Chain Collar Necklace, Silver Ring + Bracelet.

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Hmong. mid-20s. Pharmacist. Location: Northern CA Loves: Travel, languages, style, photography, fashion, interior design, eatings
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2 Responses to Neon Trend!

  1. Gao says:

    Love your Hmong scarf and the overall outfit! :D

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