Style: Stripes + Purple, ‘Txoj Phuam Txoom Suab’ Hmong Purple Hat

Inspired by: ‘Txoj Phuam Txoom Suab’, Hmong purple hat. This headpiece is the part of traditional Hmong dress. The traditional colors of the Hmong hat are purple with black + white stripes. Now, there are several brighter colors (red/green/gold/pink, etc.).

Here are some outfits inspired by the traditional purple + striped ‘Txoj Phuam Txoom Suab’.

Professional: Purple silk bow top with sleeve detail + black & white pinstripe blazer + black ankle booties

Casual: Purple top, striped shorts + black boyfriend blazer similar here + Zara wedges (old).

Which outfit do you like the most?

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  1. I love this idea! The first outfit appeals more to me and my next shopping trip will be inspired by this. :)

  2. Super inspired! I love both outfits, but the first outfit more me. I have booties and stripe jacket already, but i never would have thought of putting it together to get the looks above.

    • Yay! Booties and a striped jacket are my essentials. Thanks for the comments. My plan is to post more Hmong inspired looks soon.

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