DIY Silver + Gold Necklaces

Thanks to my cousin Julie for introducing me to dylanlex. I was inspired by dylanlex on instagram to create my own necklace.


Credits to dylanlex for the photo above.

Isn’t this amazing? I love the modern feel. It looks like a modern spin on a traditional Hmong xauv (pronounced ‘sow’) the way the necklaces are paired together.

Just as a general reference, the traditional xauv look like the ones below.


Photo by PrettyGeeky.

And, now for the two ‘xauv’ I put together with the necklaces I own.

1) Gold

DIY - Xauv-Gold

2) Silver


Necklaces were purchased from local boutiques in San Francisco (XGeneration, Ambiance), Zara, Forever21, Francesca’s, H&M and a DIY necklace which was previously posted here.

What do you think? Leave me a comment with your favorite necklace.

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  1. I love this. How can I get one ? I would love to wear that for my wedding.

  2. Hi there love. I’m so in love with the golden one. Can you tell me the names of the jewelry that you used and the steps on making it please ?! I really want to wear one for my wedding .

    • Thanks for the comment. Sorry, I’ve been away for work for the past year trying to get publications out. I took a couple of necklaces from my own collection and put them together. Used chains.

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