‘Owl Always Love You’ Baby Shower

My best friend’s baby shower just passed and I wanted to share with you how we planned it.

Step 1: Pick your theme
She picked out an Owl Idea Invitation from Etsy here.


Chevron + owls + baby blue + green + grey

Step 2: Delegate tasks. We were fortunate to have several lovely ladies who helped with different tasks. Each person was in charge of completing that task in it’s entirety.

Appetizers – Fruit platter, chips + dip, salmon with rye bread, tomatoes/basil/mozzarella cheese
Food – Rice, Roasted Chicken (ordered), egg rolls, Fried Noodle + Shrimp Salad
Dessert – Cupcakes
Games – We had 4 people with 1 – 2 games each person

Step 3: Invitations

I made post cards for my BFF using Microsoft Powerpoint and printed them from Staples. The surprise was the photo on the back of baby in the womb. The final product was very similar to my ‘Save the Dates’ which were previously featured here.

Step 4: Baby Shower Guest Book
Instead of a guest book, I decided to use a owl book (to add to the nursery) and have people sign it. A list of gifts was written at the end of the book.


Step 5: Decorations
For decorations, we found some simple ideas on pinterest + several blogs.

Owl Banner: Found the idea from the Green Apple Home on Youtube here.
382300_548436941862992_1402899534_n photo-34
Tissue Paper Flowers/Pom poms:  Youtube here.

Diaper Cake: Purchased the wooden decoration + wood wrap from the dollar store, ribbon from Walmart, diapers from target. Created the owl from felt + scrapbook paper.

Tassel Paper String: Check out the Youtube link I used to make the tassel paper string here.



Favors: Luckily, I was able to find some owl Valentine critters on sale at Target. Candy was purchased to place in the bags.
photo-32 photo-36

Step 6: Games!

  • Diaper Raffle – Anybody that brings diapers, is raffled to receive a $50 gift card. Diapers are always a necessity!
  • Baby Shower Bingo – Found some Valentines BINGO cards on sale at Target. Directions are below.
  • “Please fill in each space below with a gift you think she will receive. First person to get 5 in a row vertically, horizontally or diagonally will shout out BINGO and receive a prize.”
  • Minute to Win It – Baby Shower – Banana/Orange game, Block stacking on a paper plate
  • Basket – Purchase a number of items, give guests 1 minute to view the basket, then have them recall as much as they can in 1 minute
  • Toilet Paper Diapers – divide into pairs. Guests get 2 minutes to make 2 diapers out of toilet paper. The baby mama picks the best diaper.
  • Decorate Diaper + Modeling Contest – Divide into groups of 4 and the object of the game is to decorate a diaper + model it. The baby mama picks the best team.

What kind of baby shower are you having? Note me with your Baby Shower ideas. You can also follow me on facebook, instagram or twitter.




  1. LOVE this! Love the diaper raffle and especially the innovative idea to use a children’s book as a guestbook: a functional keepsake. Amazing!

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