#hmongwords Challenge – Week 1 – iHEARThmong


2I’ve realized after moving away from the Midwest that I’m losing my innate ability to speak Hmong. I can still read and write Hmong but speaking takes time and practice (getting rusty!).

As some of you may know, I speak Medical Spanish at work. After you are surrounded by the Spanish language on a day-to-day basis, you start to speak Spang-lish outside of the house without realizing it. The gravity of the situation didn’t hit me until I went back to the Midwest for Christmas several years ago and I answered my Mom in Spanish. lol

The purpose of the #hmongwords challenge is to retain the Hmong language and remember the beauty of our language. Growing up in America, it’s difficult to retain our native Hmong language when English is the language we speak every day. By documenting these #hmongwords, I hope to inspire you and the future generations to speak Hmong. Perhaps, my children can look back to these clips and learn some Hmong words.

Cheers to the start of the 90 day #hmongwords challenge (when this blog posts it will be 5 days now)! My goal is to post one Hmong word a day on my facebook and instagram.

Day 1 Nyob zoo // hello; hi; how do you do // http://flipagram.com/f/RgAGcpDR94

Day 2 Luag // laugh // http://flipagram.com/f/RgAeno1MKn
Day 3 Luag ntxhi // smile // http://flipagram.com/f/RgAy4VyF7l
Day 4 Hlub // love // http://flipagram.com/f/RgBQHglKmX
Day 5 Zoo siab // happy // http://flipagram.com/f/RgBdxbQqoD

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