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Week 2

It’s week 2 of the #hmongwords 90 day challenge.


This week I put together words that inspire me or make me feel all warm & fuzzy inside. I thought it was interesting that when you simply switch words around the meaning changes but still remains positive.

(example: Day 5: zoo siab = happy; Day 6: siab zoo = kind).

Also, day 8’s word ‘nwj’ made me feel slightly inappropriate as a typical Asian parent usually does not show that much affection. I grew up in a household where we would hug but we never kissed on the lips (may be going a little too far).

This day and age, times are changing. I plan to hug & kiss my children every day and tell them I ‘hlub’ them. Go back to Day 4 if you want to remember what ‘hlub’ means.

Day 6 Siab zoo // kind // http://flipagram.com/f/RgBryRsPWc
Day 7 Puag // hug // http://flipagram.com/f/RgC7llgku7
Day 8 Nwj // kiss // http://flipagram.com/f/RvlNwNf7zc
Day 9 Cia siab // hope // http://flipagram.com/f/RgDLGKItvq
Day 10 Ntsais muag // wink //  http://flipagram.com/f/RgDhXuYY2M
Week 2
If you missed Week 1, you can read more about the purpose of the #hmongwords challenge here.


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