Yes, I’m a Pharmacist.

I graduated with a Doctorate of Pharmacy from the University of Wisconsin – Madison at the age of 23. Then, I completed a residency. Now, I am working as a professor at a College of Pharmacy with an ambulatory care clinical practice site.

How do I get into pharmacy school?


I published a book with my mentor about how to get into pharmacy school. It is an easy-to-read book with worksheets and gives the basics about what is required for pharmacy admissions.

Top 5 things you need to get into pharmacy school

1) Genuine Passion for Pharmacy
2) Top Notch Grades and PCAT scores
3) Leadership Service Experience
4) Community Service Experience
5) Cultural Awareness & Competency

What inspired you to be a pharmacist?

1) I was strong in math and science. My favorite subjects were chemistry and calculus.
2) My Uncle worked as a pharmacy technician for an independent pharmacy and I went to a business dinner. The pharmacist recommended I pursue pharmacy due to my strengths.
3) Passion for the Hmong community to help bridge the gap between Hmong herbal medicinal use and western medicine.

What do I do every day?

3 days a week I am in clinic training students/residents providing quality pharmaceutical care to patients. I review medications and check to make sure they are safe, effective and convenient for each patient. I also check blood pressure and educate on how to improve conditions without medicines.

2 days a week I am on campus. On campus, I teach, coordinate courses, administer exams, complete research projects.

What kind of research do I do?

Research topics include:
- Hmong herbal medicinal use versus western medicine
- Cultural Competency
- Pharmacist Involvement in the Patient-Centered Medical Home
- Practice-based research – Implementation of clinical pharmacy services at a Federally Qualified Health Care Center (FQHC)
- How to work with Interpreters

What is a residency?

A residency is an extra year of training after you finish your Doctorate of Pharmacy.

Why do a residency?

In the future, student pharmacist will be required to complete a residency before going into practice. Thus, you will be able to market yourself better in the pharmacy field.

Top 4 Experiences Needed to Obtain a Residency

1) Research
2) Leadership
3) Teaching
4) Service

*Grades do matter depending on which pharmacy residency you want to get into!

Pharmacy Websites

American Pharmacist Association
American Society of Health-System Pharmacy
American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy
Angry Pharmacist
Student Doctor Network

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