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Style: Stripes + Purple, ‘Txoj Phuam Txoom Suab’ Hmong Purple Hat

Inspired by: ‘Txoj Phuam Txoom Suab’, Hmong purple hat. This headpiece is the part of traditional Hmong dress. The traditional colors of the Hmong hat are purple with black + white stripes. Now, there are several brighter colors (red/green/gold/pink, etc.). … Continue reading

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Sunnen + Ntxheng-yeng’s Wedding!

Meet Sunnen + Ntxheng-yeng. Ntxheng-yeng is one of my pharmacy college buddies! She had the most organized weddings and the schedule was on time. No Hmong time! The venue fit over 400 to 500 guests in Waukesha, WI at the … Continue reading

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